iMusic BodyRhythm musical shiatsu vest shoulders-on (video)

After a long week of schlepping around the Las Vegas Convention Center, there are few things we'd like more than a good shoulder rub. iMusic's BodyRhythm musical shiatsu vest promises to turn your favorite tunes into some muscle-pounding with its iOS device. Launching on Kickstarter to coincide with CES, the product needs to raise $50,000 before we'll see one available in stores. Ever eager to put our bodies on the line in order to bring you tech news, we strapped one on and saw what a double team of it and Carly Rae Jepsen could do to our bodies. If you'd like to watch the results, there's plenty of stuff after the break.

Pull a song into the app, and it tries to discern the beat and push it out to a pair of pistons that force themselves into your shoulder blades. There's a tinge of the As Seen on TVs about the iMusic, where a novel idea falls down in its execution. Naturally it's an early model, but the App doesn't do a good enough job picking out the beats of the song, syncopated and out of time with what you'd expect. On all but the highest setting, it's a little hard to feel the impact -- but maxing it out makes it feel less like a massage and more like randomized physical violence. Still, if you'd like to make a judgement for yourself, we've got the video for you, too.

Dana Murph contributed to this report.