Verizon says nearly half of data use on its network relies on LTE

Verizon was the second US carrier to launch an LTE network, giving it ample opportunity to extend its 4G reach in more than two years. And according to network engineering VP Mike Haberman, it has -- he tells FierceWireless that nearly 50 percent of the carrier's data traffic goes through the LTE network, a big jump even over October's 35 percent. It's not hard to understand why when Big Red adds other numbers to the equation. When its LTE coverage potentially addresses 273.5 million Americans, and 85 percent of its subscription customers are picking up LTE devices like the Droid DNA, it's almost inevitable that many will leave 3G in the dust. Not that Verizon will do exactly the same, just yet -- its CDMA and EV-DO networks will hang on until the end of the decade.