Miveu intros updated X case that turns your iPhone 5 into a rugged POV camera, we go straps-on

We've seen rugged cases for iPhones before, even those that claim to give it action-cam credentials. Miveu rolled up to CES and revealed its latest offering that incorporates a wide-angle FOV lens (much like the Mophie) along with a chest mount strap, updated to fit the latest phone from Apple (they launched one to fit point-and-shoots, too). The idea is pretty simple, of course. Snap your iPhone / camera into the snug protective case, fix it to the chest-strap and then get your action on. Miveu is also keen to point out that its solution means you can capture that sports footage, without having to bring another device along. Of course, you're then relying on the video capabilities of the phone itself, which might not be comparable to dedicated solutions, but it's definitely convenient, and at $80 (or $60 for the point and shoot version), a whole bunch cheaper.

Obviously, without too many moving parts, our impressions are based largely on the quality and feel. The case itself seems plenty tough, and we'd have no reservations about putting our own phone in it while out on the slopes / track. The strap part seemed well built, and the guys at the booth had to wear them all throughout the show, so if nothing else, that's testament to how comfortable they are. The lens component, however, is likely the main attraction, as this is what turns it from a regular phone case, into an action cam facsimile. The wider angle certainly makes the footage look more like what you might be accustomed to from a GoPro or similar, and serves the dual purpose of protecting the one on your phone at the same time. The mount also has a tilt-and-pivot mechanism meaning you can flip the camera through 360 degrees, or angle it more directly towards the action. If you fancy getting your phone in on the action, you should be able to do so starting April 1st.