Noit Joystick makes an appearance at CES, promises more face time at CTIA

We get pitched plenty at our CES stage, but not everyone is as capable of stopping us in our tracks as Noit founder Lael Alexander, who busted out a dummy version of the Joystick (or Joistick, depending on which part of the company's catalog you read). It's a phone / controller, with calling capabilities, Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC jammed into a uniquely holdable design. Flip it open to reveal the screen and a QWERTY keyboard, a la messaging phones of the past.

There are mouse buttons and a gyroscope built in, so you can also use the Android device as a controller, if you're so inclined. It's also got NFC, an HDMI port, Bluetooth, 64GB of storage and "the best sound design," according to Alexander, who promised his company would have something more concrete to show at CTIA.