ClamCase Pro released, latest iteration of iconic iPad keyboard case

ClamCase reported today that the newest version of their ClamCase iPad keyboard case is available for order with shipping expected in February. The ClamCase Pro (US$169) is a redesign of the original model and uses an aluminum and white polycarbonate enclosure that compliments the design of the iPad.

Usable on the second- through fourth-generation iPads, the ClamCase Pro has a more robust battery for literally months of use per charge. Pairing with your iPad is now much easier, requiring only a single push of a button to pair and begin typing. The case not only serves as an elevated keyboard for the iPad, but also swivels around 360 degrees, making it incredibly easy to use your tablet as a ... tablet.

We're hoping to get a ClamCase Pro soon for a full review. In the meantime, feast your eyes on a video showing off the sleek lines and flexibility of this new keyboard case.