Calling all web developers: Engadget is hiring!

AOL Tech -- the team behind Engadget, TUAW, Joystiq, Massively and more -- is looking for a great front-end developer who can help us take Engadget and our other blogs to new levels.

The job is a full-time remote worker position, so the ideal candidate has good time management skills and deals well with working outside of an office. It also means that you get to work with a great team for a great company, get great benefits and a chance to exercise your skills in a high-visibility job, all without having to relocate!

The description:

Front-end developer for AOL Tech (Engadget, TUAW, Joystiq, Massively). The ideal candidate is highly proficient in JavaScript/jQuery, comfortable with PHP / mySQL and experienced in web design, optimization and related technologies for desktop and mobile. A solid understanding of mobile-first design is a must.


  • High proficiency in JavaScript/jQuery

  • Familiar with spriting, lazy loading, and other general performance-optimized techniques.

  • Mac access for compatibility with current tools

  • HTML5/CSS3

  • Git

  • SSH

If you're interested in joining us, please send us a resume and contact information!