Baidu and Orange launch mobile browser for Africa, Middle East

Not content to dominate internet search in China alone, Baidu and France Telecom's Orange are partnering to capitalize on African and Middle Eastern markets as well. Today they launched a co-branded version of Baidu's browser on France Telecom's Egyptian operator MobiNil -- it's essentially the same as the one released last year for the Chinese market but in English / Arabic instead (a French version is also coming). The browser is a pre-installed app on carrier-sold smartphones and features bookmarks for Orange and Baidu services. According to Orange, smartphone adoption in the region has become widespread due to the increased availability of 3G networks -- demand apparently doubled in Egypt in the second half of 2012 alone. With nearly 80 million potential customers at hand, Baidu could certainly give Google a run for its money yet again. You can peek at the full PR after the break.

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Orange and Baidu partner exclusively on an enhanced mobile browser for customers in Africa and the Middle East

Paris, Monday 14 January 2013

Exclusive partnership to help drive mobile data adoption in markets where Orange is seeing an increased demand for mobile data and smartphones.

Baidu signs its first global operator agreement with Orange, on an exclusive basis, to co-develop an enhanced mobile browser designed for emerging markets.
The new browser, available in Arabic, English, and a French version in development, will be pre-installed and available via download on Android devices across Orange's African footprint in 2013.
Demand for smartphones and the mobile web is on the rise across Africa & the Middle East – in Egypt, Orange has seen demand for Android devices double in the second half of 2012.
The Orange-Baidu browser will provide a more affordable and richer browsing experience for customers across AMEA due to its enhanced data compression capabilities (up to 90% of compression), and one-click access to web-based apps and internet services.
Orange has signed a strategic partnership – on an exclusive basis – with Baidu, the Chinese internet company, to develop a co-branded internet browser for smartphone customers in Africa, the Middle East and Asia (AMEA). The partnership marks the first time Baidu has signed such an agreement with a global operator, and supports Orange and Baidu's aim to make the mobile web available for all in emerging markets.
Mobile internet usage in Africa is increasing rapidly as Orange continues to deploy 3G networks and make more low-cost smartphones available, customers have been steadily moving from basic feature phones towards more low-cost Android smartphones. Orange, which has a mobile customer base in AMEA of nearly 80 million customers, has continued to see its smartphone user base in AMEA increasing, for example the demand for Android devices in Egypt has doubled in H2 2012.
The new Orange and Baidu browser offers a highly customisable but simple interface for customers in AMEA, enabling them to access web-based apps and internet services unique to Baidu and Orange, as well as services like Wikipedia, Facebook or Twitter, amongst others. Customers benefit from a new, feature rich user interface that provides one-click access to all of their preferred local and global services but also benefit from a browser that is much faster and more data efficient compared to other browsers, reducing the amount of data consumed by 30-90% depending on the types of services and files accessed.
Orange and Baidu have already developed an Arabic and English browser is launching for Mobinil customers today, and both companies are now working to launch French versions of the browser for countries across Orange's African & Middle East footprint.
Marc Rennard, senior executive vice president for Orange activities across Africa and the Middle East, commented: "The appetite for mobile internet services is very strong in Africa, for example demand for Android devices in Egypt has doubled in the second half of this year. Price and access have been a barrier to entry, but partnering with innovative companies like Baidu provide unique solutions that give our customers affordable access to all the services they desire without compromising on features or ease-of-use. Building on the partnerships we've signed with major brands such as Wikipedia and Facebook in AMEA, we continue to innovate in Africa and honour our commitment to make the internet accessible to all customers across our footprint."
Hu Yong, general manager of Baidu's International Business Unit, said: "Baidu's success has been built on developing technologies, products and services appropriate for China, the world's largest emerging market. We're now bringing that experience to bear in other markets now enjoying rapid growth. Working with Orange in the Middle East and Africa, Baidu hopes to contribute meaningfully to the region's growth by making the mobile internet easier than ever to use."