Sony VP teases 'a big secret' announcement for E3 or earlier, calls out PlayStation brand

Sony's been mum on any new PlayStation (read: PlayStation 4) news since ... well, ever (okay, there is that one exception). But Sony Electronics VP of Home Entertainment Hiroshi Sakamoto may be the first to break that silence. He told Emol (translated by Engadget Spanish) in response to a question about "a new announcement related to the new PlayStation," that while the news is "still a big secret," the PlayStation side of Sony, "are getting ready for it." He of course doesn't directly refer to a "PlayStation 4" or the rumored "Orbis" internal project name. Sakamoto adds that the PlayStation team are "focused on E3," but, "the announcement could take place at that time, or maybe even before, in May." Sounds like Sony's toying with a pre-E3 event for its next-gen console -- E3 takes place on June 11 - 13 -- though Mr. Sakamoto's comments are still ambiguous enough that we can't be sure. This is a company that launched three different major hardware iterations of the PlayStation 3, so anything could happen.

When the interviewer follows up on Sakamoto's tease-y answer by asking, "But are you getting ready for a big announcement or something complementary?," Sakamoto continues speaking in ambiguities. "Probably the former, on that date we hope to deliver big news, but we must wait until May at least," he says. We've followed up with Sony for more, but don't expect to hear much beyond a wink and a smile.