Ting announces $100,000 ETF payout fund, will reimburse switchers up to $350 per line

If the only thing keeping you from making a switch to low-cost mobile provider Ting is the pain of early termination fees, we've got a bit of good news: come February 1st, you can tell your current carrier to get lost. Ting has just announced that it's set aside $100,000 for all those willing to call it quits with their current provider. For every cancelled line, Ting will reimburse switchers with up to $350 in non-expiring credits, which will be applied to all future service with the contract-free provider. This means that, depending on your usage -- and the amount of your ETF -- you could effectively score more than a year of free mobile service from Ting.

You'll find all the details at the source link, but here's the important bit to commit to memory: "Anyone that activates within the month of February and that submits their final bill within 30 days of their activation date is eligible for the ETF payout." Now, the only question that remains is whether you're willing to tell your current provider, "It's not me. It's you."