Dolphin browser adds Evernote clipping, one-stop sharing and syncing

Anyone who likes to scour the web for content to share on Evernote may have just found their one and only mobile browser. Updates to Dolphin for Android and iOS make it the first such browser to have Evernote's Web Clipper built-in, letting us save, annotate and tag pages on the spot. Not that much a fan of the service? There's now a single-step sharing process that simplifies sharing to email, Facebook or Twitter; friends can even pass content directly between browsers on the same local network. An upgraded Dolphin Connect also syncs bookmarks, history and passwords between devices, including PCs through browser add-ons. If you never want to go without a favorite site again, the new Dolphin revisions are available for free at the source links.

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Dolphin Browser Supercharges Dolphin Connect, Introduces 1:1 Evernote Integration and One-Tap Sharing

SAN FRANCISCO - January 17, 2013 - Dolphin Browser, the most popular third-party smartphone browser, today unveiled an all-new version of its browser, souped up with Evernote Web Clipper integration, one-tap sharing and an enhanced Dolphin Connect. By downloading browser extensions available for Safari, Firefox or Chrome, Dolphin users can sync their entire web experience – tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords – across multiple devices without skipping a beat.

One-tap Sharing

With one-tap sharing, Dolphin users can be more social than ever from within their browser. Users can instantly tweet content, post it to Facebook or share via email. Dolphin has even taken it one step further, allowing users on the same WiFi connection to broadcast any webpage to their friends.

"Our focus will always be on making users' mobile experience better. We're moving beyond just browsing, and are focusing on how to make the entire mobile experience more seamless," said Yongzhi Yang, CEO of Dolphin Browser. "Streamlining how our users store, share, communicate and consume content across all mobile devices and social networks is a great first step, and we're excited to show you what else is coming in 2013."

Dolphin Connect

The latest version of Dolphin Browser also features the ability to sync everything across all your devices, including computers. By utilizing Dolphin Connect, Dolphin's cloud-based account, and installing an extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari, users can send anything – maps, directions, recipes, etc. – from a desktop/laptop computer directly to their Dolphin Browser on any mobile device.

Evernote Web Clipper (Beta)

Dolphin is the first-ever mobile browser to fully integrate Evernote Web Clipper, allowing users to save web pages directly into Evernote without ever leaving Dolphin Browser.

In addition to adding personalized titles, tags and comments, users can also annotate clippings in Dolphin.