French LG exec says Nexus 4 shortages due to Google's poor estimates

The Nexus 4 drought continues and it seems that both Google and LG are spreading the blame around... in the friendliest way possible. The back and forth started in December with Dan Cobley, managing director for the internet giant in the UK and Ireland, saying that, "supplies from the manufacturer are scarce and erratic, and our communication has been flawed." While the phrasing is pretty diplomatic, the bulk of the problem was squarely laid at LG's feet. Now LG Mobile's France director Cathy Robin is offering some clarification, saying that Mountain View's low estimates are partially to blame. Sales forecasts were based on the performance of the Galaxy Nexus, which resulted in the company building too few handsets and shipping them to the wrong regions. Despite these kinks, Robin told the French site that the relationship between Google and LG was quite healthy. For more of the interview with Cathy Robin check out the source.