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Hasbro lands deal for real-world Tetris games, brings us our L blocks this August

With all the Tetris ports we've seen to not-quite-digital mediums, there's been very few truly physical games built around those seven iconic pieces. Hasbro plans to explore that final frontier shortly. It just reached a licensing deal with The Tetris Company to offer "multiple" very tangible games based on Alexei Pajitnov's original vision. The expansion starts in August, when we'll see a light-matching, Tetris-themed version of Bop It! and the seemingly inevitable Jenga variant. We'll have to wait for more details, although we hope Hasbro isn't too authentic -- we'd like a few more straight pieces this time around.

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Hasbro and The Tetris Company Announce New Face-to-Face Games Based on World-Famous TETRIS ® Video Game

JENGA, BOP IT! Get TETRIS ® Twist for 2013

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Today, Hasbro, Inc. (NAS: HAS) , a global leader in gaming, and The Tetris Company, LLC, the exclusive licensor of the TETRIS® brand, announced a licensing deal to bring TETRIS, one of the world's most successful video game brands, into a new world of face-to-face gaming developed by Hasbro. Through this agreement, Hasbro has obtained the license to manufacture and globally market multiple face-to-face games based on the TETRIS brand.

"For almost 30 years, the TETRIS game has been played by hundreds of millions of players across nearly every mobile and video gaming platform," said Henk Rogers, Managing Director of The Tetris Company. "We're thrilled to be teaming up with Hasbro to expand the TETRIS brand and give our fans fun, challenging face-to-face formats to experience the 'Tetris Effect' in a unique way."

"We're looking forward to offering consumers innovative face-to-face gaming experiences that let them stack and match the TETRIS shapes like never before," said Jonathan Berkowitz, Vice President of Marketing for Hasbro Gaming. "Now players can enjoy the challenging, social fun of two of their favorite Hasbro Gaming brands fused with the puzzle play of TETRIS."

Hasbro will introduce two games in the fall of 2013 based on the incredibly popular TETRIS game. The new BOP IT! TETRIS® game tests players to match the traditional TETRIS block shaped lights as the challenges get faster and the levels go higher. Also, Hasbro's new JENGA TETRIS® game will combine two of the world's best known stacking games, challenging players to push, pull and stack the TETRIS block shapes into a JENGA tower. The games will be launching globally in August 2013.

TETRIS® branded products have been sold worldwide in more than 50 languages. With hundreds of millions of games sold over the last 29 years, the TETRIS brand is stronger than ever and continues its year over year growth. As many as 35 million TETRIS games are played daily online, with over 1 billion played monthly. TETRIS games are played in 95% of the world in over 185 countries.