SimCity beta kicks off January 25th, feeds our city-building ambitions

SimCity beta kicks off January 25th, feeds our citybuilding ambitions

While we can't speak for everyone, SimCity's urban construction triggers fond memories for more than one of us -- mostly the small thrills of building our first arcologies or getting statues in our honor. A chance to feed our nostalgia (and megalomania) is coming quickly with the advent of EA's beta for the SimCity reboot. Windows users who register before January 20th will get one hour's worth of game time to use between January 25th and 28th, along with an opportunity to provide feedback on bugs and play balancing. It's an almost cruel tease when we know we'll have to wait until the final version's March 5th launch to play more, or to play on a Mac, but we'll take the beta offer when many of us haven't seen a 'pure' SimCity game for a decade.

[Thanks, David]