'User friendly' XBMC for Android build rolls out for set-top boxes and mobile devices

If you've been waiting to try out XBMC on your Android, now you'll have a chance. While beta and nightly builds were already available, the team behind it (note: not the official XBMC, this XBMC Android project is its own spinoff) has finally readied a release it says is "end user friendly," ready to run on most any device. It achieves that feat by offloading video player duties to another app MX Player, in a split from the official build, in order to get around XBMC's lack of hardware support for certain devices. After sideloading the two necessary APKs we were able to get it up and running without any trouble, tossing in add-ins and playing back locally stored media without a problem. There's a video to go along with the release (embedded after the break) but installing it yourself is probably the best way to get a feel for its video, picture and audio playback abilities.

Update: Just to be clear, this project is not produced by the official XBMC team or related to its build for Android, as XBMC Android is a separate group.