Carrot on a Stick: It's time to bring back the riding crop

Yes, we're going fast these days. My flying mount in Pandaria clocks in a 451% of normal. I'm zipping around like no one's business. But I want more.

There was a time when everyone had a Carrot on a Stick or a Riding Crop. These were simple items that increased your mounted speed by 3% or 10%, respectively. They were trinkets, and every time you flipped on your mount you'd put your riding crop on and be all that much faster flying around the Outlands.

Then, with patch 3.0.2, launched on October 14, 2008, the riding speed enhancements became useless for any character over 70. Gone were the days of just that little extra boost to set you apart, and gone were the days of riding outfits and other such fun.

But you know what, Azeroth? It's time to bring the fun back. It's time for the riding crop to make its return. It's time for the stick to get an even bigger carrot.

There's a two good reason that's make now the perfect time for these toys reintroduction.

First, with the no-fly zone that's being introduced in patch 5.2, players will be wanting to move around the area quickly. Right now a lot are upset that flying isn't an option for the new dailies -- bringing back these trinkets will take some of the sting out of this news for those disheartened folks.

Second, Mists has seen a return to the "old ways" of WoW in some respects. There's more exploration, toys and trinkets that are in the game just for 'fun' with no real advantage. The carrot and crop were the epitome of such useless toys back in the day, and their return would give all the old WoW players some loving nostalgia.

So what say ye', Blizzard? Can I haz carrot?