Planetary Resources shows off Arkyd-100 prototype, gives a tour of its workspace

We last heard about Planetary Resources back in April of last year, when the team formally announced plans to mine asteroids for things like water and precious metals like platinum. Chris Lewicki, who sports the unspeakably cool title of president and chief asteroid miner, assures us all that his team has been very hard at work in the interim. While he's not quite ready to show everything off just yet (due, in part, to intellectual property concerns), the space executive gave the internet a glimpse of the Arkyd-100 mechanical prototype, a space telescope and technology demonstrator packed into a dense 11 kilograms.

In the below video, Lewicki give a quick walk around the lightweight, low-cost prototype. There's also a glimpse of the of the company's Class 10,000 clean room and Arkyd-100 manufacturing facility.