Leaked HTC Sense 5 screenshots suggest a leaner, cleaner skin

Sharif Sakr
S. Sakr|01.22.13

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Leaked HTC Sense 5 screenshots suggest a leaner, cleaner skin

Did yesterday's uncertain glimpse at a new HTC phone leave you wanting? Then grab a tray and find a seat, because the right-hand image above comes from XDA developer mdeejay, who claims to have a working port of the forthcoming Sense 5 skin. On the left, we've stuck up a Sense 4+ lockscreen to highlight how the new UI feels much leaner, cleaner and flatter -- following much the same trend as Android itself. The 3D ring pull is gone, for starters, and the time and weather widgets also have a calmer and less skeuomorphic feel, with what looks like a thinner font (Roboto condensed?). These same widgets carry over to the apps screen, shown after the break (Sense 5 on the right), which in turn shows off fresh icons that persist with the minimalist flavor. Head over to the XDA link below for the full screenshot buffet.

Leaked HTC Sense 5 screenshots suggest a prettier, leaner skin

Myriam Joire contributed to this report.

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