Zombieland TV show in the works at Amazon, headed for Instant

Before Jesse Eisenberg was known for playing Facebook's quirky founder, he starred with Woody Harrelson in a delightfully campy film called Zombieland. That film is apparently being adapted for the little screen -- well, perhaps not so little, but littler -- by none other than Amazon Studios, the in-house team created to produce original content on Amazon's Instant streaming service, reports Broadcast Now. It's not clear just how far along the series is, but io9 did discover some casting pages which reveal the plot: "the show will center around the original group of post apocalyptic survivors." Presumably that means more Twinkie references, more awkward romance, and a ton more comical zombie killing. That is, of course, if the early casting sheets are indicative of what the final show ends up being. Regardless, we've reached out to Amazon for more info, and we've dropped some of the film's best parts just below the break.