Limited number of Pebble watches ship

Today is the day that Pebble begins to ship its Kickstarter-backed smart watches. The company announced in an update that it will ship out less than 500 units from its fulfillment centers. Customers who backed early should expect to see an address confirmation email in their inbox and a tracking number shortly thereafter.

Pebble also announced that its iOS app is still pending approval, while its Android app will debut on January 24 in the Google Play store. iOS customers who receive their Pebble early will be limited to notifications and music control until the iOS app is approved.

Customers who are not in this first round won't have to wait too long as Pebble is producing watches at a rate of roughly 800 to 1,000 units per day, with a five- to seven-day wait for the watches to go from production to shipping. Pebble also confirmed that it is producing the black models now and hopes to get color production online soon.