Twitter and Vine combine to enable embedded video tweeting

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Michael Gorman
January 23rd, 2013
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Twitter and Vine combine to enable embedded video tweeting

Twitter took Vine under its wing late last year, and it looks like that new relationship is bearing its first fruit. Earlier today, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed Vine's new capabilities with a single tweet earlier today with a Vine video embedded. Like Twitter's card implementation, the video appears as a link in the tweet, and users need only click the "View media" (instead of "Show summary") link underneath for that tweet to expand and show the embedded vid. Once played, the clip loops until you tell it to stop. The video Costolo shared is only a few seconds long, so we don't know if there's a time limit for embedded Vine videos, nor can we say when the rest of us will be able to start using Vine. However, we can surely point you to the source to see the service in action.

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