Google's latest transparency report reveals 88 percent of US information requests are complied with

When Google receives government requests for personal data, does it spit in the G-Man's face or invite him in for tea and crumpets? The search giant's transparency report reveals that, 88 percent of the time, the US will be able to rifle through your emails while eating baked goods. The States tops the chart, demanding Mountain View release information on 14,791 users in the last three months -- with 3,152 requested with a search warrant, 10,390 with a subpoena and 1,249 from processes including EDPA court orders. The list of the top five nosiest countries is rounded out by India, France, Germany and the UK. Tour the report and you may notice that, breaking with tradition, content takedowns are no longer mentioned -- Google is planning to break out that data as a separate filing in the future.