Numark iDJ Live II DJ controller hands-on (video)

Numark iDJ Live II DJ controller hands-on

If there's one company that comprehensively caters to the entry-level and intermediate DJ, there's a good chance it's Numark. While the firm has released a whole bunch of stuff at NAMM this year, perhaps its most mainstream offering is the iDJ Live II. If you remember the original, it was a lightweight controller (both physically, and metaphorically) designed for use with Djay on iOS. This time around the little fella gets a redesign, and a few functionality tweaks. Most notable, is that while the first iteration only gave you the option of iOS connectivity -- via the 30-pin adaptor -- this time you have the choice of Lightning, 30-pin, or straight up USB. Thus, you can now bring the iDJ Live II out to work with your Mac or PC, too. Once again, it's built with Algoriddim's Djay in mind, be it the desktop or iOS version, and we got our hands on it to take it for a spin. Head past the break for the lowdown.

First things first. This is very much a fun, consumer product. It would be unfair to call it an accessory, but it's definitely meant for casual use at parties etc. The unit itself is very light, made entirely of plastic, and feels very different to the heavier DJ controllers you might be used to. The iDJ Live II, however, does look much better than the first iteration, with the slightly squared design and the lower-profile platters at least making it look a little less toy-like than before. The plastic finish still feels the same, as does the action and resistance of the platters, knobs and faders (which is serviceable). The controls available give you everything you need to perform all the mixing basics, with high and low-frequency EQ, channel volume control, a crossfader, and even rudimentary scratching (though it really is more of a novelty). If you've ever used Djay for any amount of time though, you'll know that this is plenty enough to get a set going, and having the physical controller there just makes it all that more enjoyable / easy. While purists and old hands might see products such as these as over simplified, the ease of use, and broad appeal makes them ideal for the curious, and that can only be a good thing. Sadly there is no word on price or availability at this time, but we'd be surprised if it wasn't comfortably under $100 when it does finally make its way onto shelves. Check the video below for the hardware tour.

Billy Steele contributed to this report.