Apogee One for iOS and Mac hands-on

Apogee strolled into NAMM with a trio of audio interfaces newly outfitted for both iOS and Mac. While the Duet and Quartet are certainly formidable pieces of recording kit, the more compact Apogee One caught our eye for its dual capture ability without adding too much heft to the ol' backpack. The unit accepts input from a built-in mic and either a XLR or 1/4-inch analog input -- both of which connect via a two-headed Y-cable. From there, the One connects to a power supply and either your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Apple computer of choice for that dual-tracking capture. After seeing the device up close and spending a few minutes handling it, our main gripe remains the lack of a Lightning connection. Sure it's great that we can outfit our iDevices, but we'd love to see an included cable for the latest port to come out of Cupertino rather having to locate an adapter.

Without being able to capture a solid vocal track on the bustling show floor here at NAMM, we unfortunately can't speak to the quality of that on-board condenser microphone. However, the One seemed to handle guitar licks quite well when recorded with GarageBand on an iPad mini. As we've mentioned before, the outfit has also outed its Maestro app for low-latency monitoring and a bit more control over how matters progress. Aside from all of that, the gadget sports a similar dial knob to that of the original release for selecting functions and controlling input / output levels with dual LED stacks for a visual indicator of said signals. The One wields the same solid build quality that we've come to expect from Apogee based on a few of the other products we've spent extended time with. For a quick walkthrough, take a look at the video that lies beyond the break.

Update: Apogee has passed along the info via the comments below that a Lightning cable is on the way in Q2 and that users shouldn't experience any difference in performance with the adapter that they'll need in the meantime.

James Trew contributed to this report.