Google Drive scores multiple photo and video uploads on iOS, Wallet gets visual refresh on Android

Mountain View's just doled out an update to Google Drive on iOS, giving it the ever so slight bump to version 1.2.2 and a handful of new features. Font fanatics could see the addition of Helvetica Neue to Docs as the big ticket item in the new release, but the ability to upload multiple photos and videos otherwise headlines the batch of improvements. With the latest version, pinch to zoom now works with slides and QuickOffice users can open files and save them to Drive. In addition, spreadsheets have been freshly endowed with improvements to animations, diagonal scrolling and cell formatting for dates, decimals, currency and the like. Google Wallet on Android also received an update, but it focused on delivering a revamped UI and sundry improvements to stability and battery use. Now, the app packs navigation tabs and houses cards under the "My Wallet" section. Hit the neighboring source links to give either application a spin.