The Artiphon Instrument 1 uses an iPhone, Engadget tries it out

Artiphon unveiled its Instrument 1 late last year when it released teaser images that hit the internet like wildfire. Now that the multi-instrument device is nearing launch, the company has given Engadget a private tour of the device at NAMM 2013.

Designed and made in Nashville, Tenn., the unique instrument combines the beauty of a traditional wooden instrument with the flexibility of a digital music-driven device. The instrument is crafted of African hardwood and powered by an iPhone 5. It includes two integrated speakers and a built-in battery, making the Instrument 1 a truly portable device.

It works with any core MIDI-enabled apps and is meant to replicate a wide variety of musical devices including guitar, violin, banjo and more. The Artiphon 1 will soon be available for pre-order from Artiphon's website and will cost under US$1,000. You can watch a quick hands-on in the Engadget video embedded below.