Sony details VAIO T15, touchscreen T14 Ultrabooks on their way to Japan

Sony was mum on most of the details of the VAIO T15 and a touch-upgraded T14 when they appeared at CES. We won't have to wait until the spring launch in the US to know what some editions of the Ultrabook will carry, though. At least for Japan's February 9th release, the T15 won't be running any Haswell-based parts -- the top-spec system carries a 2GHz Core i7 from the current generation, a BDXL drive and a 1TB hybrid hard disk. The touch-ready T14 will be just as modest with a 1.8GHz Core i5, a DVD burner and up to 750GB of hybrid storage. We wouldn't be shocked to see performance boosts to either PC before they cross the Pacific, but we at least know what to expect as a baseline.