New Nintendo eShop releases: Puddle, Ikachan

NintendoWare Weekly Puddle, Ikachan

The 3DS eShop is crowded today! Ikachan launches today, as does the Virtual Console release of Ice Climber and a bunch of other things. There are even new downloadable Mario decoration sets for Sparkle Snapshots 3D, if you're feeling like a bit of photo festooning. And don't forget Fire Emblem: Awakening, coming Feb. 4.

Wii U has relatively few offerings this week, but they're interesting: Puddle and a demo of The Cave.

Wii U

  • Demo: The Cave (Sega, 1-3 players, free)

  • Puddle (Neko Entertainment, 1 player, TBA)

3DS eShop