Verizon green-lights HTC Thunderbolt's Ice Cream Sandwich update

Alexis Santos
A. Santos|02.01.13

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Verizon green-lights HTC Thunderbolt's Ice Cream Sandwich update

Sweet relief from Gingerbread is finally here for HTC Thunderbolt owners who haven't jumped ship or upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich without Verizon's blessing. Big Red's finally approved Android 4.0.4 laced with Sense 3.6 for the device and appears to be serving it up for download (or gearing up to do so, at least). In addition to souping up the hardware with increased stability and the features you've come to expect with ICS, the upgrade removes the Verizon, BlockBuster, Rhapsody, and Mobile IM apps from the smartphone. Ready to welcome your lightning rod for bad luck phone to 2011? Mosey over to your handset's system update section to check if the fresh build is available.

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