HTC Thunderbolt issues abound, but a fix is on the way

HTC Thunderbolt

As if the one-call-wonder's battery life wasn't enough, the update pushed out to HTC Thunderbolt owners a couple weeks back has some devices randomly rebooting. Verizon and HTC have said they're working on the issue, but that's of little comfort to customers whose phones are spontaneously restarting several times a day. If you were hoping to solve the issue by installing the leaked version of Gingerbread, we've got bad news -- there have been a number of reports at the XDA Developers Forums that the Sensed-up version of Android 2.3 is bricking phones and sending them into an endless bootloop. But don't despair, a fix could be arriving soon. A source at Verizon told Droid Life that Thunderbolt-owning employees "may be entitled" to a software update before it gets rolled out to the general public -- presumably a final test run for that reboot repressing patch. If you're too impatient to wait for yet another firmware update, you can apparently stroll down to your local VZW store and simply trade in your troublesome T-Bolt for a new one. Just make sure it's running the older software before you take it home.