Super Bowl 2013 ads: Samsung, Best Buy, BlackBerry and... Zombies

Super Bowl 2013 ads Samsung, Best Buy, BlackBerry and Zombies

So, catch the big game on the, er, internet? Or, if you took our advice and used more traditional hardware, you may have caught Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd trying to outdo each other to become Samsung's "Next Big Thing" promoters (only to be trumped by LeBron James), or a BlackBerry Z10 user turning a tanker truck into rubber duckies. Other tech ads included Best Buy's "Ask Amy" with Amy Poehler in full-on adorkable mode, Sony's cinematic PlayStation God of War teaser and a pair of skeevy / cleverish Godaddy ads. We also got a sneak peak at the trailers for Iron Man 3 and Zombie apocalypse / Brad Pitt starrer World War Z. Finally, Star Trek: Into Darkness launched another teaser, which notably featured the debut of the Apple Store's "" short link. All-in-all, pretty weak sauce compared to last year, in our opinion -- but you can decide for yourself after the break.

Update: Samsung has posted an extended version of its Super Bowl ad. It's 4 minutes and 41 seconds long... and you'll find it embedded just below.