PlayStation Home Arcade brings parts of Sony's Second Life-esque world to PlayStation Vita

You like the games in Sony's PlayStation 3-based social network, Home, but not the endless Quincying? We can fully respect that, and we're glad to tell you that Sony's doing something specifically catered to your wants, fictional person -- today, PlayStation Home Arcade launches on the PlayStation Vita, bringing arcade games from the network to Vita with none of the awkward virtual dancing found on PS3. The software previously popped up on the Vita's store, but Sony wasn't saying a word at the time -- and now we know why. To access PlayStation Home Arcade, grab the free download from the Vita's PlayStation Store gateway; we're not seeing it pop up in the store just yet, but keep your eyes peeled! When it is available, to access the games, open up the application and download away -- they range from free to $1.49. For a full list of titles and the official word from Sony, head past the break. For a horrifying demonstration of Quincying, watch this.

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February 5, 2013 – Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced a new application for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system that offers gamers access to popular arcade classics available in the PlayStation®Network social games platform, PlayStation®Home. The PlayStation Home Arcade application is available as a free download for the PS Vita system in the PlayStation®Store, and the initial game line-up includes two free games in Icebreaker and WipEout 2D as well as a free demo of popular PlayStation Home arcade title Scribble Shooter. Additional titles can be purchased for $1.49 each and are playable on both the PS Vita system and in PlayStation Home on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system.
Once downloaded, the application links to users' Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) ID. Arcade cabinet purchases made by users in PlayStation Home can also be downloaded to the PlayStation Home Arcade at no additional cost.
The following titles are currently available through the PlayStation Home Arcade application for the PS Vita system:
· Icebreaker (Free) – Sony Computer Entertainment
· WipEout 2D (Free) – Sony Computer Entertainment
· Scribble Shooter (Demo available for free) – Sony Computer Entertainment
· Frogger – KONAMI
· Time Pilot – KONAMI
· Asteroids – ATARI
· Centipede – ATARI
· Astrosmash Gen2 – INTELLIVISION via Realtime Associates
· Shark! Shark! Gen2 – INTELLIVISION via Realtime Associates
· Mad Blocker – Open Emotion

PlayStation Home Arcade joins the growing list of applications available for the PS Vita system, all of which are free to download, including Skype™, Netflix, Facebook, Wake-up Club and many more.