Takara Tomy's Auto Mee S robot scrubs mobile devices, saves seconds of effort

We can't say that we've ever been so exhausted or pressed for time that we couldn't wipe down our mobile device screens. There must be someone out there for whom that's one scrub too far, however, as Takara Tomy has just rolled out its Auto Mee S robot to do the job. Plunk the tiny cleaner down and it should bring a shine to a typical smartphone within four minutes, and a tablet within eight. It's smart enough to detect the device's edge while needing only a single AA battery to work for three hours. Yes, the Auto Mee S is really more of a toy than a serious substitute for a lint-free cloth, although the mix of novelty and utility may still justify a purchase of the ¥1,575 ($17) gadget if you're in Japan after the March 28th release -- just think of it as Junior's First Roomba.