Lumia 710 for T-Mobile won't be updated to Windows Phone 7.8

For reasons that aren't quite clear, T-Mobile has just confirmed to TmoNews that the Nokia Lumia 710 won't receive a bump to Windows Phone 7.8. While the update has taken its share of criticisms as a purely cosmetic revision, we've a feeling that more than a few folks were looking forward to the world of resizable live tiles -- seems like a reasonable expectation, right? Fortunately, even in spite of T-Mobile's mind-boggling decision, Lumia 710 owners can take the situation into their own hands and manually install the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade. We'll keep you posted if we learn anything more, but in the meantime, you can find the carrier's painful doublespeak after the break.

T-Mobile's statement on Windows Phone 7.8 for Lumia 710

At this time, the Nokia Lumia 710 will not receive the software update. T-Mobile is committed to enhancing customers' experience with our devices, including providing upgrades to the latest operating systems, and T-Mobile aims to deliver software upgrades when it will provide a better experience for our customers. We'll share additional information on upgrades for the Nokia Lumia 710 when they are available.