IK introduces Loop Drummer, built into the latest version of AmpliTube for iOS

IK Multimedia has updated its popular AmpliTube app for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad to version 2.9. It now includes a brand new built-in, loop-based drum module called Loop Drummer.

Loop Drummer allows you to build custom drum tracks from a library of more than 500 loops (via in-app purchase) based on varying musical genres. With eight Style Packs (Rock, Country, Funky, Electro, Blues, Metal, Pop and Punk), there's plenty to choose from when arranging your drum track. Each Style Pack comes with eight Grooves, and each Groove has eight parts that allow you to build a drum track from beginning to end. For example, intro, main A, fill A, main B, fill B, var B, outro. Simply drag and drop the loop in the simple timeline to build your track. If you can't be bothered to build your own drum track, simply hit the Remix button and Drum Looper will use an intelligent algorithm to build a unique beginning-to-end drum track for you that has a coherent song structure.

I've had a quick play with Drum Looper and it's very easy to use. It's well-implemented into AmpliTube, which means in no time you'll be putting drum loops together and having a jam session or recording your newest song!

Drum Looper syncs automatically with AmpliTube recorder, so you can play along and record the drum track, too. The audio from Drum Looper will appear as a separate audio channel on the Amplitube's recorder. Additional features include custom-length loop sections, a Mixer section (allowing for independent drum volume setting and soloing), tempo setting and exporting drum sequences to your iDevice's clipboard or iTunes File Sharing.

AmpliTube with Drum Looper is available as a free download from the iOS App Store now. With the free download you'll get the Rock Style Pack only. The other Style Packs are available via in-app purchase, similar to buying additional effects or amps in AmpliTube.

To find out more about Drum Looper, visit IK Multimedia's website here.