Mailbox for iPhone arrives to keep us on top of Gmail, aims for true inbox zero (video)

Anyone who gets a regular deluge of email knows how tough it is to clear the inbox rather than just hope all those messages will go away. Orchestra thinks its new Mailbox app for the iPhone has a simple solution to the glut: treat email like task management. Along with reducing mail deletion to a single swipe, it lets readers postpone action until the evening, the following day or whenever it's easier to handle. It may come in handy for a few power users as well when it supports multiple accounts and can send push notifications. There are a number of caveats beyond just the iOS-only nature, however -- it supports just Gmail for now, and it doesn't have ways to assign custom labels or select multiple messages at once, like Google's app. When Mailbox is free, however, it's worth a try if your inbox has ever looked more like a monument to neglect than a clean slate.