Sandboxr lets us easily make custom-posed, 3D-printed figurines (video)

Where was Sandboxr when we were kids? Instead of dragging our parents around on a hunt for the perfect figurine, we could have used the company's new web app to easily manipulate a virtual model and get a 3D printed statuette in the exact pose we wanted. There's compensation for the lost opportunities of our childhood, however. The creation tool allows for customized accessories, scenes and sizing, and it's expected to have reasonable prices of about $12 for a 2.5-inch character and over $20 for a 3.5-inch version. The best news may simply be the likelihood of a figurine existing in the first place -- Sandboxr sees itself as a platform for everyone from 3D animators through to game developers and dedicated toy companies, many of which can use existing 3D models to start a collectible line. The printing service is currently invitation-only and plans a Kickstarter fundraising drive to scale larger, but it's easy to see an end to the days of limited edition figurines -- much to the delight of our inner child.