O hai, Twitter now has LOLcat language opshun, kthxbai

It's been a busy week at Twitter, what with new rollouts like an upgraded search engine that'll pull in older tweets and a simplified search tool for mobile app users. So it's now time to have some fun. As a little easter egg, the social media giant has added a LOLcat language option to add a bit of internet meme flavor to the normal Twitter web interface. The changes are what you might expect: Twitter is now TWTTR, "Compose new tweet" is COMPOZE NEW TWEET, "conversation" is CONVERSASHUN, "Who to follow" is HOO 2 FOLLOW and so forth. No, your timeline won't automatically transform into a stream of grammatical and spelling errors and your own tweets won't be magically LOLcat-ified either (for that, we suggest hitting the Speak LOLcat translator link below). Still, it's a fun little weekend distraction if you're not quite tired of the I Can Has Cheezburger meme just yet. You'll find "LOLCATZ" under the language drop down section in Settings, or you can just click on the source to check out your Twitter page in all its LOLcat glory.