Verizon details Droid DNA update, hints at menu key software option

Despite our love for the Droid DNA, it has a few flaws that are hard to ignore. Perhaps most vexing is the lack of an option to map the contextual menu button to the recent apps key. Fortunately, we're now hopeful that Verizon will remedy the situation. Big Red just posted an overview of a forthcoming software update, and among the line items, it's said that users can expect "enhanced recent apps functionality." As you can see, the wording is frustratingly vague and open to interpretation, but the fix is logical and would follow precedent from HTC. Other changes are more clearly spelled out, such as improved WiFi and hotspot connectivity, better audio quality when using a wired headset and correct timestamps for incoming messages. For a complete breakdown of what's in store, just hit up the source link.