Tim Cook's speech at Goldman Sachs Conference moved to open market slot

This is an interesting note that might not turn out to mean much, but who knows? Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to speak at the upcoming Goldman Sachs Tech Conference this week, as he's done before. The talk was originally set to take place on Tuesday at 4:15pm ET, which would have placed it after regular trading ends in the stock market. But Cook's speech has instead been moved to 10:15 AM ET, which will put it right at the beginning of the stock-trading day.

This has lead investors and analysts to wonder if Cook really has something to say. In the past, he's basically just waxed eloquent on Apple's philosophy and choices, but the rumor mills are ablaze with news of new products from Apple, so it's possible Cook could hint at a new announcement, or just plain make one.

It does seem unlikely that Cook would use someone else's event to make a big announcement, as Apple usually likes to run its own events these days. But Apple will be streaming audio of Cook's presentation, as usual, so maybe he will have something new to tell us. No matter whether the change means a new bit of news or just a schedule conflict, we'll of course be listening in live to see what Cook has to say.