Visualized: A table full of space elevator robot prototypes

Brian Heater
B. Heater|02.11.13

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Visualized: A table full of space elevator robot prototypes

It's not every day you come across this sort of thing -- well, not unless your friends are the sort of folks who take it upon themselves to transform space travel as we know it. We popped into Liftport's workspace, during a recent visit to the Pacific Northwest, to check in on the progress of the Kickstarter-funded space company. Much of Liftport's innovation is occurring in a garage loaded with arcade cabinets, pinball machines in various states of disrepair and an army of cats with various levels of polydactylism. Above, you'll find prototypes of the company's various space elevator-climbing robots, which can be explored in more detail in the gallery below. We'll have more on our visit with Liftport soon.

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