It's good to be back

You may have seen the announcement earlier today that AOL is acquiring gdgt and that Ryan Block and I are going to be rejoining the company. A lot of you may have no idea who I am, but I'm the guy who created Engadget and for a while there was the only person who wrote for it.

When we left Engadget in 2008 to start gdgt we left on exceptionally good terms. AOL even invested in our new company. But even though the relationship has been good all these years, I never honestly expected we'd have the chance to return, and I can say that it feels good to be part of the family again. I'm insanely proud of the work that Tim Stevens and the Engadget team have done to grow the site into a tech news powerhouse that it is today. The Engadget of 2013 far exceeds anything I could have hoped for it when it launched back in 2004.

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads Engadget. You're the ones that made Engadget something that people cared about, and I'm not sure I can properly express my gratitude for that.

Ryan will have a post up soon with some more details about how we got here and why bringing gdgt to AOL makes sense, but for now I'll just say how happy I am to be back and how much I'm looking forward to getting back into the mix. And while I won't be taking a day-to-day role at Engadget -- I'll still be overseeing gdgt -- I will be taking on the role of executive editor-at-large and getting involved in different ways, so expect to see more of me soon!

In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter at @peterrojas and if you want to reach me by email you can do so via my personal site. Thanks!