Pebble watch pulls all notifications from the iPhone, but only if you jailbreak

The Pebble already does a good job of pulling notifications from stock iOS apps to your wrist, including SMS, email previews and calendar appointments. But if you want a broader range of alerts from third-party apps -- say, Google+ -- then you're basically stuck. Unless, it seems, you're prepared to jailbreak your iPhone. Developer Conrad Kramer recently tweeted to say that his "BTNotificationEnabler" tool is available on Cydia, and that it allows every single arrival in your Notification Center to be sent to a Pebble or other compatible Bluetooth device. It's unlikely to induce many smartwatch owners to liberate their phones, even with the relatively easy and untethered evasi0n hack now available, but at least we'll have one more bullet point the next time someone asks "why jailbreak?".