RITE Project aims to conquer internet lag, eliminate excuses for game noobs

Lag: it's the bane of video chats, VoIP calls and Call of Duty players trying to keep a streak going. The European Commission must be as irked by delays and drops as we are, as it's giving €3.6 million ($4.8 million) over three years to help three universities, Alcatel-Lucent Bell, Institut Mines-Telecom and Simula Research Labs defeat lag through the RITE (Reduce Internet Transport Latency) Project. The initiative hopes to find new ways to cut lag on both the network itself as well as endpoints, like servers. If the networking research alliance hits the jackpot, it hopes to make standards of any proposed changes. Without a specific direction, it's not clear that RITE will lead to instant-response connections. Should there be much success, however, we'll only have ourselves to blame for flaky gameplay.