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Wunderlist 2 lands on the iPad as a universal app

Wunderlist launched version 2 of its popular iPhone and Mac task manager late last year and has stepped up to the plate again to launch a fresh, new version that adds support for the iPad.

The new iPad version of Wunderlist 2 is formatted for the Retina tablet screen and is not a stretched-out version of the iPhone app. It includes all the best features of Wunderlist 2 and packages them into a UI that looks great on the iPad. I especially appreciate the larger form factor when browsing through the activity center, which tracks your invites and gives you an overview of what is going on inside your Wunderlist lists.

Wunderlist is available as a free app in the iOS App Store. With these latest changes, Wunderlist has taken a nice leap forward and is a strong competitor in the productivity space.