Mystery Nokia smartphone flaunted in European Lumia 920 ad

A recent Nokia Lumia 920 TV commercial from Netherlands carrier KPN Mobiel -- spotted by My Nokia Blog -- shows a curious yellow handset at the five second mark, and after squinting for a bit we're still not sure what we're seeing. It's obviously not a 920, and it doesn't match any other existing models that we can remember. Our mobile experts noticed that it vaguely resembles the Nokia Lumia 822 from US carrier Verizon, but the headphone nub, camera pod position and tapered design don't match that model -- which also appears to be smaller than the one pictured above. Could the Finnish carrier be holding out on us until Mobile World Congress 2013? Or is it some kind of Dutch variant of the 822? We've no idea, but if any of you do, we're sure you'll let us know below. You can scope the video after the fold.