AT&T gives travelers 1GB of not-quite-free WiFi in the UK through The Cloud

AT&T gives travelers 1GB of notentirelyfree WiFi in the UK through The Cloud

Getting data is still a pain while abroad: it usually involves either popping a local SIM into an unlocked device or simply paying through the nose for roaming rates. AT&T wants to meet visitors to the UK halfway through a new WiFi deal with BSkyB's The Cloud. The pact offers AT&T subscribers 1GB of free WiFi access per month at The Cloud's hotspots in the UK, as long as they're using the American carrier's WiFi International app. The catch? As with AT&T's normal approach, travelers need to have an international data plan already in place -- which means The Cloud is more a way to raise the limit than a true replacement for a roaming bundle. Nonetheless, anyone who just needs that much more data for an Instagram shot of the London Eye can get their fill through the source links.