Daily iPad App: Flowstate is a brutal writing app that produces results

Flowstate describes itself as the most brutal writing app and I have to agree. Flowstate, for those who have not stumbled across it, is an iOS writing app designed to minimize distractions and get the words flowing by putting the screws to you.

The app launches with a full-screen editor and a countdown timer. You select the amount of time you want to write and start typing away. Sounds like a pleasant experience until you stop writing to look at your tweets and gasp in horror as your wonderful prose is deleted by the app.

Don't try to exit Flowstate to check your email as the app will take the big ole eraser to your text as well. Just keep writing and don't stop until the timer is up, and you will get to keep your precious ramblings. It's a novel way to force you to stop over-thinking and start putting your thoughts down on paper.

If you are glutton for punishment, then check out Flowstate. It costs US$1.99 and is available for the iPad and iPhone. I recommend sticking with the iPad version because the tablet is more suitable for typing.