Audible 2.0 for iOS brings long-expected iPad support and a UI overhaul

Audible 20 for iOS brings long due iPad support and a UI overhaul

When the iPad is seemingly tailor-made for books of all kinds, you'd think Audible would leap on the opportunity to produce an optimized audiobook app -- it wasn't quite so eager, as customers have since discovered. Apple tablet owners won't have to perpetually lean on the stock music app for their fix, though, as Audible 2.0 at last brings an iPad-friendly form. The better use of screen real estate is the most obvious improvement, although there's a fresher, simpler interface for every iOS device. A few helpful extras reside under the surface, if the new layout isn't enough. It's easier to both sign in and hide finished books, while listeners who didn't replenish their libraries at home can grab as much as 3 hours' worth of audiobook over a cellular connection. Existing Audible subscribers just need to snag the latest app for free at the download link.