Daily iPhone App: QuestLord is a retro RPG trip back in time

A lot of apps these days show that developers are always thinking about what they can do in a new way: How can we change up controls for a touchscreen device, or use the power of the iPhone to create a new experience? QuestLord, however, is very decidedly old school. It's an RPG from the first-person perspective, similar to the old Elder Scrolls games, and while it obviously runs on the latest and greatest iOS devices, the interface is almost stubbornly retro. You just press a few different on screen buttons to move around, talk, or fight, and the game just sticks to the standard RPG conventions: Do quests, level up, and so on.

Rather than come off as boring or simple, however, QuestLord feels familiar, like the scent of an old book. Yes, it's nice to see innovation, and yes, it's always fun to see developers try something new, but once in a while, it's great to see someone just stick with the old, and do it really well. That's what QuestLord is -- if you like these old 2D RPGs, you'll feel right at home here.

If you didn't play those games back in the day, you might think QuestLord is a little too low-fi, and that's fine -- its pixelated graphics are no match for more modern games. But I really like QuestLord, and I'm happy to pay the $1.99 to experience a new title that seems like it was made quite a while ago.