myIDkey biometric password flash drive hits Kickstarter

Is it possible to remember all of one's passwords without the aid of a biometric Bluetooth flash drive? Possible, sure, but it's certainly getting harder and harder as the number of services we depend on continues to increase exponentially. Arkami has been floating its solution around for a bit, showing off its progress at CES and the like, and now the company is ready to get the public involved (or, the public's money, rather) by way of a newly opened Kickstarter campaign for myIDkey. The thumb drive stores passwords across various services, letting you take 'em on the run. There's a fingerprint scanner on-board, which unlocks the device, and a microphone, which lets you search for specific ones by voice. Plug the drive into your PC and it will autofill your passwords as needed, and if you're unlucky enough to lose it, you can instantly deactivate its contents.

Peep the source link below to check out -- and, perhaps, support -- the company's $150,000 campaign.